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Some of the frequently asked questions asked by our customers.

If the answers to your questions can not be found in the some of the more frequently asked questions by some of our existing members, please feel free to contact us
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Home For Hire Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I contact
A: Please check our faq’s first and then email us. or phone us. Our details are on the contact page.
Q: What is the visitors rating?
A: Click here for an explanation of the guest rating sustem.
Q: Can I contact the property owner prior to making a booking?
A: Yes, by email by clicking on 'Contact Owner' found just above the photo's of the property.
Q: Is my booking contract with
A: No. The terms and conditions that you agree to when making a booking are directly with the owner of the property. provides a system online to facilitate the promotion, booking and transfer of funds between you and the owner.
Q: How is the star rating achieved?
A: Click here for an explanation of the home rating system.
Q: How do I know the visitors rating is genuine?
A: The rating by visitors is only varied by registered visitors that booked through Their rating is not alterable by the owner or recommends using properties with a high visitor rating.
Q: Do you have any brochures?
A: No. All the information we have regarding any property is on the website. If there is any more information you require about a specific property please click on 'Contact Owner' found just above the photo's of the property.
Q: How can I tell if the property is as good as they say?
A: The owners rating system is by their own estimation. The visitors rating is established by past visitors. We recommend booking properties that have a high visitors rating.
Q: Can provide further information about any other property?
A: No. The only information we have is as stated on the owners web pages. You can email the owner by clicking on 'Contact Owner' found just above the photo's of the property.
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